Visit the Walker Museum and Art Gallery in Louisiana

Visit the Walker Museum and Art Gallery in Louisiana

Part of Louisiana’s Livingston Parish, Walker is a small city that only recently became more than just a village. It was started back in 1825 after Michael Milton and his wife brought several slaves to make a trail from the Amite River by clearing acres of pine-wooded land. This new settlement was originally called Milton Old Field.

By 1856 a post office was built when the government saw that the little village was thriving. The village got its name Walker a few years later after the Louisiana state legislator, Dr. William Walker who had died of a disease during the Civil War. There were no battles in Walker, but skirmishes of some significance did occur in the parish.

These events are now honored with artifacts and exhibits at the Walker Museum. This museum is in a small house and documents much of South Louisiana’s interesting history. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Its Honoring Those Who Serve exhibit features many uniforms and other historic pieces that reveal so much about the Civil War era.

There are also unique items from days gone by which illustrate the way daily life was conducted in early Louisiana. These include outfits, dresses, sewing machines, cooking apparatus and more. All items are displayed in an authentic setting which evokes the 1800s and later.

This is a great place to stop in and find out more about the local history. The village only became a city by a proclamation in 2011. Governor Bobby Jindal declared this because the population had finally made it over 6,000 people. Prior to that, the village had only been incorporated as such back in 1909.

Visitors to the museum will also appreciate a stop in the adjacent Community Art Gallery. The exhibits display the work of local artists and are always changing. The gallery is worth visiting at least once a month even by locals. The museum and art gallery are great for children and adults.

Visit the Walker Museum in Walker, Louisiana. It gives you a peek inside a real small town’s history. It is close to shops, antique stores, bookshops, and cafes. There is plenty to do following the time you spend exploring the museum and the gallery. Take your time here.

The Walker Museum easy to get to. It is located in the center of Walker, Louisiana, which is between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.